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I am Vina Rust, a metalsmith based in Seattle, Washington, creating handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Please email or call - 206 784 8696 - if you require more specific information or would like to see my work in person.

THE STAMEN SERIES AND STAINED CELL SERIES WERE INSPIRED BY BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOMICROGRAPHS. Referencing such images allowed me to explore the idea of exposing internal structures with devices such as the cross-section or selective staining of cells, and granted me license to generalize or specify certain details in order to create focal points in a design.

At the same time, I could pay tribute to the type of imagery from my early education that was largely responsible for my ongoing fascination with botany; imagery that broke common biological processes down into more easily digestible steps, or that deliberately magnified, sliced or peeled back layers of plant forms so as to best reveal their inner workings. They inspired awe and completely altered the way I viewed the natural world.